Our ‘Smart Casual’ Definition: “To dress up smart casual means mixing elements of casual wear with formal wear to make up the perfect smart causal outfit. Overall you need to achieve a smart look NOT a casual one.” – Fashionably Smart Casual

Smart Casual Quicklinks:

What is the smart casual dress code?

What can you wear to make up a smart casual outfit? Are jeans allowed in the smart casual dress code? In this post we answer all these questions as well as provide you with snazzy smart casual outfit ideas for men and women. Or you can download our slides with a detailed explanation and outfit ideas of how to dress smart casual for women or for men. [/tab]

 Business casual wear is a mix between formal wear and smart wear. There are no casual items in the clothing mix for business casual. Stick to collared shirts, trousers (no jeans), leather shoes and a jacket/blazer when you need to dress up for the business casual dress code. Think about it like dressing formal but not having to wear a suit. See this page for photos of business casual wear.

Is Smart Casual Jeans?

You don’t have to wear Jeans when dressing up smart casual however most people do like to wear Jeans when dressing up smart casual. Jeans are considered to be smart casual wear. They make up the casual part of clothing in the smart casual mix. Jeans can be dressed up or dressed down. Learn more about the smart casual style and Jeans etiquette with examples here.

Smart Casual for an Interview 

Scenario: You just landed an interview for your dream job and they specifically asked that you go dressed ‘smart casual’. What does this mean? What should you wear? Facts: This is an interview no matter what the dress code is. You still need look your best even though you may not need to wear a suit. Jeans should not be considered for an interview. You can wear jeans once you get the job if the company adopts a smart casual dress code policy, but do not wear Jeans to the interview. Learn more about what you can wear for a smart casual interview here.