When fashion meets technology 2015

The future of fashion sees designers working closely together with technology companies to bring us high-tech fashion. The experimenting with different materials besides fabric and incorporating tiny hardware into garments to create responsive clothing to our body temperature, our heart beat or breathing, may sound incredible but this technology exists and will soon be available in stores (some already are).

Here are just a few interesting #fashiontech projects we put together:

Google & Levis come together to bring us ‘Smart Jeans’.

Introducing Project Jacquard, a collaboration between Levis and Google to create “connected clothing” using conductive yarns in textiles alongside embedded tiny electronics into the garment. Connected clothing allows wearers to interact with services, devices and environments, for example they will be able to activate a call without having to touch their mobile, just by sliding a finger on their arm (or wherever the sensor is).

Chromat & Intel

Sportswear Label, Chromat and Intel teamed up together to show how technology can infuse fashion with intelligence. They showcased their responsive Spring Summer 2016 garments at New York Fashion Week. One model wore a sports bra with Intel technology which responds to changes in perspiration, respiration, and body temperature by opening a vent to cool down the wearer when it senses heat and sweat. Another model exhibited an expressive 3D-printed carbon-fiber dress that expands and collapses its form based on when the garment senses stress or adrenaline from the wearer.

More from Intel

Besides the responsive garments Intel also featured interactive shopping experiences and 4K drones.

Ralph Lauren’s Sports Tops with inbuilt heart monitor

This shirt has sensory receivers and fibers that are woven into the fabric to give readings that track a range of stats like heart rate, breathing, movement intensity, energy output and stress, as well as steps taken and calories burned. It’s super breathable and really comfortable to wear. Watch XXX mashable’s view on the tried and tested shirt.

Freedom of expression on a T-Shirt.

Did you know you could have your Twitter feed displayed on an LED on your T-Shirt! Ballentine’s slogan “Stay true, leave an impression” has come up with a suitable product for their marketing campaign T-shirt OS which is basically a platform for people to express themselves. The question is, would you wear such a T-shirt? How public can you go?


Imagine in the future mall’s won’t need to stock up on garments but can use their floor space for screens linked to the internet where customers can choose their outfits and purchase them in the form of an MP3 which they can take away and “print” their new outfit in the fabric of their choice from the comfort of their home. Garments in the future will be made to fit to one’s body scale. It all sounds thrilling but then questions like what materials will be used? Are they comfortable? Can you sweat in them? Are they machine washable, come to mind.

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