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Highlights From The Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2016-2017 Collection

Those in attendance for the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2016 2017 Collection during Paris Fashion Week were not disappointed if they were expecting to see dynamic fashions with borderline futuristic flair. This collection ran the gamut from feminine slip dresses to leather cropped jackets, and even a surrealistic jumpsuit was thrown into the mix. From […]

Michael Kors Fall Winter 2016/2017 Fashion Show

The Michael Kors Fall Winter 2016/2017 Fashion Show debuted a sassy, stunning and sophisticated collection. Swanky feathers enabled many of the pieces in the collection to stand out. The dim lighted runway didn’t require an elaborate background as the sensational collection was the star of the show. The models wore minimal makeup and their hairstyles […]

The Unforgettable Hermes Spring Summer 2016 Collection

The runway was very plain and so were the models at the Hermes Spring Summer collection. The models wore stern expressions on their faces but very little makeup. Likewise, their hair was just limp and hanging. Meanwhile, the models wore two new shoes that were delightful. One pair was a mule with a skinny high […]

Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2016

Marc Jacobs’ characteristically unorthodox creativity was staged to maximum advantage during a show revealing his spring/summer 2016 collection. Set as a Golden Age of Hollywood cinema experience, it was complete with a red carpet walk featuring Jacob’s key fashion, as well as bellhops handing out popcorn. The setting, all dimming lights and red curtains, helped […]

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Collection

The latest Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear collection is looking to the future! This was the second show for new designer Nicolas Ghesquiere. Ghesquiere promises to be quite a story teller. The show of the Spring Summer show was set against a Minecraft-inspired backdrop and a digital voice at the beginning of the show announced the Fashion […]

Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Karl Lagerfeld is a genius at design and promotion. The Grand Palais was transformed into an airport for the designer’s Spring Summer Fashion Show. The room really looked like an airline terminal complete with a big sign, “Chanel Airlines.” With fast-paced music playing in the background, male models played the role of handsome flight attendants. […]

Michael Kors Spring Summer 2016 Collection

The setting for the Michael Kors Spring Summer Fashion Show was plain, a direct contrast to the clothing. Kors is known for his men’s’ wear-inspired designs. However, the recent collection softened the tailored looks by adding very feminine touches. The show took place in a room with plain off-white walls and matching floors. The models […]

Chloe Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

The new Chloe Autumn Winter 2015 Collection amazed everyone at this years fashion show. While Chloe is known for their innovative designs, no one saw this years looks on the horizon. The face of fashion as it is known now has been changed forever. While Chloe is known for innovative outfits, this year they broke […]

Marc Jacobs Autumn Winter 2015 Collection: A Commanding Collection for the Strong Woman

Ready to Wear fashion designs are some of the most anticipated lines every season because they are what fashion editors, and major clothing buyers will be able to have complete access to. The average person on the street will be purchasing these items for their own use, and picking and choosing which designer is offering […]

Prada Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

The Prada Fashion Show was truly awe inspiring, and was a one of a kind experience. The show took place throughout multiple rooms that had a futuristic, almost spaceship like feel. The clothing on display matched beautifully, while still being practical enough to be worn everyday. The models rocked the extended runway, and provided a […]

Versace Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Spectators at this years Versace Autumn Winter 2015 Collection show were treated to a delightful experience that was visually tantalizing. While Versace is known for their bold designs, they broke new barriers by adding in splashes of vibrant colors to almost every item in their collection. Any person looking for outfits that will command attention […]

Hermes Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

There is only one word that accurately describes the Hermes Autumn Winter 2015 Collection: Elegance. The designers set themselves at the top by displaying a collection of items that are uniquely different and visually beautiful. While Hermes isn’t known as the most popular designer, they gave their image and popularity a big boost by choosing […]

Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Although designer clothes were once the exclusive domain of the wealthy, today many working women are watching seasonal fashion shows. The collections allow them to see what styles and colors are trending and to make fashionable choices. A good example of a heavily viewed show was the Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. Thousands of […]

Chanel Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Chanel’s Autumn Winter Fashion Show was a theatrical feat. Karl Lagerfeld outdid himself by creating Brasserie Gabrielle. The runway was designed like a cafe with tiled floors and a bar in the middle. The set was complete with revolving doors and cafe tables with white tablecloths. The models walked down both sides of the cafe […]

Calvin Klein Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Calvin Klein has changed the world of fashion yet again with their 2015 autumn and winter collection. This outstanding line of clothing is perfect for the lady on the go who is looking for comfort and the ultimate in fashion design. While the designer has charted new waters, they have also stayed true to their […]

Tory Burch Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Designer Tory Burch took everyone to Morocco for her latest Fashion Show. The runway was inspired by Morocco with rugs on the floor and used for the curtain. Moroccans use bright colors and circular prints in their designs. Likewise, arch designs are always included. Women who appreciate an ethnic flair will be inspired by the […]

Kate Spade Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Any fashion forward person looking to upgrade their wardrobe needs to take a serious look at the Kate Spade Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. This years items break all the molds, as the designers have moved towards a warmer and edgy approach with this years outfits. While the look may be new, it will still appease […]

Ralph Lauren Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Ralph Lauren is one of the great American designers. His Autumn Winter Fashion Show did not disappoint. The runway had Grecian columns on either side of the door where the models entered. Further, there were elegant chandeliers hanging in the ceiling. A major theme of the show was fur. The designer featured fur faux sleeves […]

Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

One of the biggest fashion shows of the year is the Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2015 Collection debut. People all over the world wait until the release of this collection before purchasing clothes for their own wardrobe. While this year was chock full of new items and styles, the designers didn’t disappoint. Here’s what will […]

Experience the Gucci Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Gucci pulled out all the stops in this years fall and winter fashion show, by creating outfits that are functional and beautiful. The designers pulled on the 1970s as their inspiration, but gave it a new age twist that allows it to match perfectly with current fashion trends. Anyone looking for clothing that will stop […]

Beach Inspired Kate Spade Spring Summer 2015 Collection Show

The Kate Spade Spring Summer 2015 Collection Fashion Show was fun with new handbags and comfortable styles. There is something for everyone in this collection of Ready to Wear clothes. Block colors, bright floral prints, and horizontal black and white stripes can be mixed and matched together for unlimited looks. Spring Summer sundresses in all […]

Military Inspired Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015 Collection appears to have been inspired by military clothing. The colors consist of various shades of tan, gray, blue, and green. Mandarin collars on jackets, big shiny buttons, and lots of big pockets. The loose styles in all lengths are not flattering and hide a multitude of sins. The […]

Sleek Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2015 Collection is sleek and feminine with A-line shapes and a focus on fabrics. Leather, mesh, and metallic in all lengths stood out in a primarily ivory and blue color scheme. Some solid red leather was splashed among the designs for a stunning effect on the catwalk. Long tunics, cut […]

Flattering Florals Highlight the Michael Kors Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The Michael Kors Spring Summer 2015 Collection featured flattering floral prints and bare midriffs. Sailor stripes, some solids in beige and yellow, and bright whites with attention to detail on exquisite floral patterns, also made appearances in cropped shirts, elegant pantsuits, and stunning sundresses of every length. Ready to Wear fabrics included linen, gingham, and […]

A Look At the Hermes Spring Summer 2015 Collection

There was a peaceful feeling in the air at the Hermes Spring Summer Fashion Show. The runway resembled a beach with a plain white curtain in the background. A yellow light lit the curtain before the models walked down the runway. Initially, Christophe Lemaire’s last show for Hermes seemed to be in neutral. Several models […]

Gucci Spring Summer 2015 Collection

If Frida Giannini’s last show for Gucci is any indication, her future remains bright. The Spring-Summer Ready to Wear collection was a unique mixture of different materials, textures, colors and styles. The models wore their hair pulled pack in sleek ponytails and the palest makeup. The designer, obviously, wanted the clothes to stand out. The […]

Tory Burch Spring Summer 2015

Before purchasing new clothing, many individuals look at Fashion trends by designer. With so many styles seen in the Spring Summer Ready to Wear collection, finding the right outfit won’t be difficult. The Tory Burch collection features an array of different looks, from geometrical designs to vertical stripes. Some outfits combine the two for a […]

Shimmering Solids Dominate the Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2015 Collection is a unique departure from some of the over-complicated collections seen in the past. His recent Fashion Show revealed looks that will be as at home on sidewalks and in offices as it was on the catwalk. Many of the colors and designs looked safari-inspired, while other items […]

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2015 Collection

At the Spring Summer Fashion Show, many bright and bold looks are seen in items offered from this designer. Models are parading down a colored dot walkway, allowing attendees to see the latest styles and fashions, and the entire background other than these colored dots is white, to ensure the fashions stand for themselves. Some […]