Calvin Klein Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Calvin Klein has changed the world of fashion yet again with their 2015 autumn and winter collection. This outstanding line of clothing is perfect for the lady on the go who is looking for comfort and the ultimate in fashion design. While the designer has charted new waters, they have also stayed true to their roots by keeping the clothes as elegant and fashion forward as possible.

Dresses were the biggest highlight of the event, and the Calvin Klein Autumn Winter 2015 Collection displayed just how re-inventive the designers are. Most rested just above the knee, and accentuated figures by incorporating hard lines with gentle slopes. The colors of the dresses ranged from taupe to black, and were accented with buttons that added a splash of color and texture to the outfit. While the dresses were Ready to Wear, they were shorter in length and fitted, but still flowed as the models strolled down the runway.

Shoes were all the rage at this years event, and the designers decided to change things up by selecting shoes that were designed with comfort in mind. Some of the pairings had shoes with a small 4 inch heel, while others were wedges that helped to show off the models legs and add a touch of elegance to the dresses. Buckles were made from brushed metal, and paired with straps that ranged from dark leather to vibrant colors.

Make up and hair in the Autumn Winter collection was both natural and stoic, and was focused on bringing out the natural bone structure of each of the models. Most makeup colors were faint, and hair was worn down, with the slightest curl added to provide volume and movement. They both paired perfectly with the texture of the fabrics that were used, which ranged from wool to polyester blends. Accessories only helped to embellish the outfits, and most were small but added even more texture and excitement to the outfits.

Use the Calvin Klein collection to add a new array of textures and colors to any wardrobe. It will give a boost of life to any closet, and allow the wearer to be Fashion Show ready all season long.

Image Source: Vogue

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