Chanel Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Chanel’s Autumn Winter Fashion Show was a theatrical feat. Karl Lagerfeld outdid himself by creating Brasserie Gabrielle. The runway was designed like a cafe with tiled floors and a bar in the middle. The set was complete with revolving doors and cafe tables with white tablecloths. The models walked down both sides of the cafe and entered through the revolving doors. Simultaneously, men dressed as barmen were drying glasses and making coffee in the background. Models with short hair wore it gelled down, while longer hair models wore a messy chignon. The chignon was highlighted by a dark headband with a Chanel logo. There was minimal make-up except for a harsh, dark eye. Interestingly, the models all wore the same shoe, a beige spectator pump with a black toe and a two-inch heel.

The designer updated the standards in the Chanel Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. A geometric-shaped quilting was used on jackets and coats. Imagine, a beautiful white Chanel sweater suit with puffed sleeves. Another innovation was a sweater with a pouch in the back. One model even carried a book in her pouch. Many of the typical tweed Chanel suits featured longer skirts. Likewise, there were long, voluminous tweed coats on display. There was a mixture of fabrics and textures. A favorite outfit featured a gold leather jacket, a luxurious turtleneck and a tweed skirt. One model sashayed into the restaurant wearing a black leather suit featuring the puffy design in the jacket and skirt.

The Ready to Wear Collection featured many of Chanel’s trademarks. They included layers of pearls and other necklaces. Of course, the traditional gold-coin chain belt was seen on pants and skirts. Many of the models accessorized with Chanel purses. While models entered to jaunty music, others sit down at the tables. They engaged in conversation with each other while other models walked on by. Another highlight was a traditionally-made pink dress that featured a pearl halter. Interestingly, there were a couple of models in fashions from the menswear line. They wore checked coats in bright colors and accessorized with Chanel broaches and chains. There was something for everyone to like at this show.

Image Source: Vogue

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