Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Collection

Karl Lagerfeld is a genius at design and promotion. The Grand Palais was transformed into an airport for the designer’s Spring Summer Fashion Show. The room really looked like an airline terminal complete with a big sign, “Chanel Airlines.” With fast-paced music playing in the background, male models played the role of handsome flight attendants. Next, models walked in, many of them rolling luggage behind them. One of Lagerfeld’s smart outfits was a track suit made out of material that featured an airplane design.

There were plenty of traditional tweed Chanel suits. However, many were worn with a twist. Many of the models wore painted-on blue eye masks. The rest of the models wore polarized aviator shades. Ponytails accessorized with silver headbands and barrettes carried the day. Lagerfeld used lots of tricks to give the Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Collection an edge. Imagine, models wore traditional suits with matching baseball caps. Many of the caps were worn to the side or backwards. Likewise, most of the models wore chunky, platform shoes or tennis shoes. The chunky shoes were lycra and silver. Additionally, there was a whole lot of layering going on. Some models tied sweaters around their waists and necks. It is a unique way to show clothes.

Indeed, models wore pants, topped with skirts and had a sweater around the waist. The traditional suits were beautiful but many were designed in unique fabrics. A showstopper was a suit made out of a tweed material that actually looked like silver. There were also interesting rhinestone touches on many suits. Accessories included Chanel bags, Indeed, some models carried more than one purse. Layered necklaces are a tradition at Chanel. This Chanel show was no exception. However, there were more metal necklaces than pearls. Several pieces in the collection were made of a material that look like silver lame. The designer showed these pieces with skirts and trousers made of different materials including chiffon. Traditional touches like the flower pin were also made of silver. Chanel continues to feature tradition in its collections. However, Lagerfeld always finds a way to make the Chanel Collection unique.

Image Source: Vogue

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