Experience the Gucci Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Gucci pulled out all the stops in this years fall and winter fashion show, by creating outfits that are functional and beautiful. The designers pulled on the 1970s as their inspiration, but gave it a new age twist that allows it to match perfectly with current fashion trends. Anyone looking for clothing that will stop people dead in their tracks should look no further than the Gucci line.

One of the biggest shockers at the Gucci Autumn Winter 2015 Collection was the incorporation of pants suits into everyday wear. Most were constructed from a polyester blend, and displayed colors ranging from burnt orange to cream. While they were designed for business casual, these outfits would work perfect for a night out. Most of the accessories paired with these items were in a variety of hues that helped to accent the already existing color. Prints were also popular, as most shirts had a pattern that paid homage to the 70s era.

Gucci surprised every at the Fashion Show by debuting a new line of shoes that were inspired by nature. They were constructed from a variety of materials, and many had heels that were approximately 3 and a half inches high. The most astounding shoes were laced on the front, and the lace extended up the ankle to mid-calf. They worked in conjunction with the outfits worn, and highlighted the natural beauty of the model, while still being practical enough to be worn every day.

Outerwear was also popular. Most of the coats in the show were made from luxurious furs, and sported natural animal patterns that were breathtaking. While the clothes were vibrant and rich in color, most of the coats were made from muted browns, which accented the colors of the clothes perfectly, and created a timeless appearance that will add to the beauty of any wardrobe.

It goes without saying that Gucci didn’t disappoint at this years show. Most of the outfits featured are in stores now and ready to wear. Select the ultimate in clothing, and make an impression that will last a lifetime. The presence of Gucci can transform any closet from boring to extraordinary in an instant.

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