Gucci Spring Summer 2015 Collection

If Frida Giannini’s last show for Gucci is any indication, her future remains bright. The Spring-Summer Ready to Wear collection was a unique mixture of different materials, textures, colors and styles. The models wore their hair pulled pack in sleek ponytails and the palest makeup. The designer, obviously, wanted the clothes to stand out. The background for the show was very plain with a wooden runway. Trendy music rocked as the show started out showcasing a classy, white leather A-line suit accessorized with a scarf. Of course, models wore Gucci shoulder bags.

There was definitely a military feel in this collection. Many blouses and culottes were accented with gold marine buttons. Jackets were shown with gold epaulets on the front, as well as buttons. Another major theme was chunky-heeled boots and shoes in a variety of materials. Models wore green faux snake-skin boots, suede boots and sandals.

Another theme was short, dresses made with demure-toned fabrics. However, they were topped with vests and jackets accented with faux Mongolian fur and goat hair. The fur and hair were dyed in bold colors with glitter accents throughout. Along with gold buttons, the designer used shoe-string lacing down the front of blouses and on jackets, as well. Culottes were shown in a variety of ways. There was a to-die-for culotte suit made out of a soft material with a kimono-styled jacket.

Sleeveless dresses with bold plunging necklines were shown with long and short suede boots. Funky touches included round sunglasses on some of the models and the blend of textures and styles. One dress stood out with a mesh bottom and lace cutouts on top. A variety of Gucci belts were used to cinch jackets and dresses. The color scheme seemed to be more suitable for Fall. The designed used rich olives, wines and rust colors. Several outfits were made in blue jean material, including a dress and culotte suit. The gold buttons really set off the jean material. The Fashion Show was topped off with several narrow coats that were traditionally Gucci. They were designed to hug the body and made with matching belts. This collection is stunning and will carry buyers into Fall with no problem.

Image Source: Vogue

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