Hermes Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

There is only one word that accurately describes the Hermes Autumn Winter 2015 Collection: Elegance. The designers set themselves at the top by displaying a collection of items that are uniquely different and visually beautiful. While Hermes isn’t known as the most popular designer, they gave their image and popularity a big boost by choosing to unveil items that create looks that are timeless and luxurious. Anyone looking for an outfit that will show off their figure while providing visual interest need look no further than this years Hermes Autumn Winter Collection.

This years outfits were warm and looked like they belonged in every window along Rodeo Drive. The designers used bright reds and yellows as splashes of color against black and beige outfits. One of the looks that stood out the most incorporated an orange scarf with a silver dress that shimmered almost as much as the lights. The model sported this outfit while wearing knee high black leather boots that added a rustic edge to this otherwise contemporary outfit.

The evening collection at this years Fashion Show left jaws dropped, as it combined the purity of white with clean silver. This produced a look that was almost angelic, and is the perfect outfit for a glamorous evening in the city. Some of the other evening looks used black and gray, which gave the model a confident look, and greatly accented their hair, which was worn up and in a bun like formation.

Outerwear at this years show was also designed to impress. Most were low cut jackets that hit at waist level, and were made from fine fur and other natural fibers that are as gorgeous to the touch as they are to the eye. Stylish parkas gave a few of the looks a subdued appearance, that was both opulent and classy. Whether someone finds themselves in extreme cold or just an evening chill, the outerwear in this collection doesn’t disappoint.

Whether a consumer is looking for the ultimate in style or comfort, the Hermes Ready to Wear collection is the perfect fit. While this designer isn’t as well known, they brought their best to this years show and presented items that set them in a class of their own. Adding items from this collection to any closet will be sure to give it a much needed makeover that will be ready for any occasion.

Image Source: Vogue

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