Hermes Fall Winter 2016-2017 Collection

Into the darkened room each model emerged to take the walk down the runway. The spotlight beamed on each girl as all the eyes in the room waited in anticipation. The fresh-faced models made their famous walk down the runway as a seductive female voice sang unfamiliar words. This was the Hermes Fall Winter 2017 fashion show. The collection began with a golden-colored ankle length skirt and squared-off sleeveless blouse, followed by an ankle length halter dress in the same shade. A long-sleeved white dress with green and pink pastel accents soon followed. A short coat with a fur-lined hood and matching skirt was accented with a dark sky-blue turtleneck and accessorized with taupe boots. Next, a dark mint green turtleneck was paired with a long grey sweater top cinched with a thick belt and layered over a black skirt. An off-white jacket and skirt was a smart addition to the collection as well as the pantsuit in the same shade. Light gray dresses, jackets and pants were also a part of the Hermes Fall Winter collection. Outfits in deep burgundy was another color that was added to this Ready to Wear collection. A dress, jacket, top and trousers are just a few of the pieces seen at the Fashion Show. A fall and winter collection wouldn’t be complete without fashions in black. This collection included several pieces with a black background color that was decorated with a white squared pattern. The accessories included various colors of long gloves that reached well past the elbow. Boots were also seen in numerous colors including gray, taupe and black. Heels with pointed toes and ankle socks were also frequently seen on the runway. Navy blue and peach were additional colors that either stood alone or were paired with a different colored garment. A flowing navy blue dress was a stunning number as well as the floor length peach dress with long sleeves and a turtleneck, which was the last piece debuted in this collection. This extraordinary Hermes collection featured luxurious materials, such as cashmere, suede and leather. The elegance of these materials transformed simple designs into phenomenal creations. Image Source: Vogue