Highlights From The Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2016-2017 Collection

Those in attendance for the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2016 2017 Collection during Paris Fashion Week were not disappointed if they were expecting to see dynamic fashions with borderline futuristic flair. This collection ran the gamut from feminine slip dresses to leather cropped jackets, and even a surrealistic jumpsuit was thrown into the mix. From the elaborate runway design to the last catwalk, this show was a sight to behold for everyone in attendance. The Fashion Show runway was decorated with colossal mirrored columns that projected out in various angles, which created a maze-like cavern. The strong techno beat resounded through the room as the models unveiled the moderately futuristic-inspired fashions that were edgy, sporty and bold. The models appeared as if they were ready to conquer the world with deep red lipstick and wearing their hair down in natural hairstyles. Dress hemlines were slanted and the patterns consisted of color blocks, small printed designs, geometric shapes and nautical inspired fabrics. Combat boots added cutting-edge style to this fall and winter collection. Oversized hats, elbow length gloves, waste-cinching belts, large dangling earrings and flowing scarves were eye-catching accessories. An assortment of handbags were seen including mini trunks, monogrammed canvas bags and leopard prints. A wide variety of fabrics was used to create this adventurous Fall Winter collection. Leather, satin, silks and wool were seen as well as fur and mohair. Jersey tops were also spotted for casual and comfortable apparel. Dominant colors in this collection included black, red, white, several shades of blue, and splashes of yellow and green. Zippers were methodically integrated into pant legs, tops and jackets. Stripes, bars, chevrons and other accents were incorporated for highlights. Strips of contrasting fabric were sewn into dresses and tops to create an hourglass appearance while other pieces conveyed the presence of a brassiere being worn on the outside of the clothing. Trendy winter coats were showcased in various styles and colors. The Louis Vuitton fashion show was an electrifying glance into the world of fashion without any boundaries. Combining Ready to Wear attire with modernization achieves an adaptable style that’s out of this world. Image Source: Vogue