Kate Spade Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Any fashion forward person looking to upgrade their wardrobe needs to take a serious look at the Kate Spade Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. This years items break all the molds, as the designers have moved towards a warmer and edgy approach with this years outfits. While the look may be new, it will still appease fashion minded individuals who are looking to stand out from the rest and have an appearance that will elicit a crowd stopping response. The following are the top things to know about this years fall and winter line.

Flannel is in, and can be seen in most of the outer wear from this years collection. In addition to flannel, the designers also chose to incorporate solid colors and fur accents to give every piece a posh and luxurious appearance. Hats are one of the most popular accessories to pair with these items, and the new designs don’t disappoint. From coordinating plaid to solid black, the hats are what give each of these outfits their finished appearance.

Low cut dresses and skirts are also popular, and come in a wide array of fabrics, including tartanĀ and some print designs. These, accompanied with the minimalist shoe designs present outfits that are both stylish and perfect for anyone desiring modesty in their wardrobe. The designers changed it up a bit, by incorporating a small line of formal evening wear that is a signature pink color. Whether the buyer finds themselves looking to show off their feminine side or adorn something comfortable, Kate Spade doesn’t disappoint with their Autumn Winter line.

The shoes in this years collection are black and oh so beautiful. Most sport a modest heel of 4 inches, and some are designed with straps that are elegant and timeless. Kate Spade shocked everyone at this years Fashion Show by also debuting a line of fashion forward boots. These allow for comfort and style while walking around in whatever mother nature may dish out.

Give any closet a much needed makeover by purchasing a wide array of items from this years Ready to Wear collection from Kate Spade. The innovative designs are sure to please the most discerning buyer and take a person’s style from drab to fabulous instantly.

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