Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

One of the biggest fashion shows of the year is the Louis Vuitton Autumn Winter 2015 Collection debut. People all over the world wait until the release of this collection before purchasing clothes for their own wardrobe. While this year was chock full of new items and styles, the designers didn’t disappoint. Here’s what will line the racks of the most prominent boutique stores.

The most sought after look this year is industrial realness with a soft touch of color. Large fur coats that convey comfort and softness are paired with accessories that have a hard lines and are made from materials such as metal and animal print. This combination is perfect for any body style, and is appropriate for both work and evening wear. The most commonly seen hairstyles were just below the shoulders, and exuded edginess and bright colors that were subtle enough to not detract from the designers work.

Most of the dresses in the Autumn Winter collection rested at the knee, and while hard edges were present, the designers at Louis Vuitton softened them by adding circular angles that helped to accentuate figures and add visual appeal. Most of the makeup paired with these outfits was soft and natural, and designed to give the model a delicate and whimsical appearance. This not only helped the items stand out, but gave each of the models an unprecedented beauty and glow.

Another hot item in this years Fashion Show was shoes. Heels are back, and the designs used in this years show sported a 4 inch spike with straps to keep the shoe secure. The designers also hearkened to the days of old by incorporating buckles made from a variety of metals that helped to accentuate the hard edges and materials used in the construction of many of the accessories.

Many of these outfits will hit stores soon, and are Ready to Wear for any occasion. Don’t blend into the crowd, when it is easy to look sleek and modern with the new Louis Vuitton collection. Make the most of your clothing budget and purchase the items that will set you apart. No matter the indivudal’s body type or style, the 2015 Fall/Winter collection will help the wearer look and feel confident.

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