Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Collection

The latest Louis Vuitton Ready to Wear collection is looking to the future! This was the second show for new designer Nicolas Ghesquiere. Ghesquiere promises to be quite a story teller. The show of the Spring Summer show was set against a Minecraft-inspired backdrop and a digital voice at the beginning of the show announced the Fashion Collection was “a journey to the frontier of the digital age”. Ghesquiere seems to have a “punk” vision of the digital age. Midway through, the voice described the models as pieces of information moving through a computer. The runway was in a large room surrounded by large screens. Images on the screen were similar to something from The Matrix. The models wore messy hair and very little makeup. Some of them wore tattoo-like designs under their eyes. Most of the models’ hands were strapped in leather. Much of the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2016 Collection showcased punk; retro looks. There were lots of sheer mesh tops and chains hanging off of everything. Additionally, the footwear included strange looking sandals and steel-toed cowboy boots. Snake print was used in several shoes and also a couple of purses. Ghesquiere put together looks like a pink leather jacket and a black leather kilt skirt. One of the highlights was a white cotton poplin bubble skirt worn with a black lambskin leather jacket with print. Different models wore the skirt different ways. Bermuda shorts were back in this collection. They were worn in a variety of ways including with a leather vest. The buttery-looking leather was dreamy. Imagine, a black leather jacket with red stripes on one arm and the other featured the Vuitton logo. Washed silk was used in several jumpsuits and gowns. Some of the jumpsuits were also shown with leather vests. Indeed, one of the leather vests featured the classic “damier” print. The Classic Vuitton bag “on steroids” was the major accessory. Some bags were made in black with chain designs while others had studs. Additionally, the Vuitton logo was used in a huge drawstring bag. This show was definitely a favorite for fans of couture fashion. Image Source: Vogue