Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Although designer clothes were once the exclusive domain of the wealthy, today many working women are watching seasonal fashion shows. The collections allow them to see what styles and colors are trending and to make fashionable choices. A good example of a heavily viewed show was the Michael Kors Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. Thousands of women who enjoy the designer’s Ready to Wear line were delighted at the elegant, functional designs they saw.

A Real-world setting included real-looking models – The buyers and other interested parties who attended the Autumn Winter event waited expectantly, not beside a catwalk, but in a room with two aisles cleared. When the first model appeared from a backlit door opening, she strutted to elegant guitar music. Like those who followed her, she sported ultra-casual hair and makeup. The girls wore little color and their long hair was drawn back in loose pony tails – very much the way a hard-working, busy woman might look in the morning. Their clothes reflected the same good-looking, but hard-working theme.

Seasonal colors and fabrics abounded – Models at the Fashion Show were draped in the olives, fawns, chocolates and golds of fall. There were also winter blues and grays, with scatterings of sparkles. The comfortable cardigans, patch pockets and suits offered wearable chic. A chilly-weather theme was also apparent in the beautiful belted coats and abundance of fur. There were models adorned in mink coats, sable stoles and fur collars. Designs often paired romantic ruffles with tailored simplicity.

Comfortable accessories added style – No fashion show is complete without trendy accessories, and this collection was no exception. However, there wasn’t a stiletto heel in sight. Most of the models paired their outfits with rich but sensible looking oxfords, slides and monk straps. They carried very usable satchels, lean shoulder bags, and even travel bags. Skinny, waist-cinching leather belts added a crisp look to coats and suits.

A future customer viewing the 2015 Autumn and Winter Michael Kors show would have enjoyed an entertaining event and seen some of the hottest looks of the season. She would also have been cheered to realize that trendy ready-to-wear can be comfortable, beautiful and meet real-world needs.

Image Source: Vogue

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