Military Inspired Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The Marc Jacobs Spring Summer 2015 Collection appears to have been inspired by military clothing. The colors consist of various shades of tan, gray, blue, and green. Mandarin collars on jackets, big shiny buttons, and lots of big pockets. The loose styles in all lengths are not flattering and hide a multitude of sins. The short hems are very short, and the long ones drag on the ground. A few pieces had hems to the knee. The large handbags and backpacks that accompanied the looks made designs seem bulky. The black knee-high boots seem like overkill for the Spring Summer season, but the glitter strapped slider sandals are versatile and comfortable for all day wear. This Ready to Wear collection will not likely be seen on the streets anytime soon.

The Fashion Show itself had a theatrical flair that was well presented. Pink fuzzy carpeting, a pink house in the center of what appeared to be an auditorium, and minimal spot lighting was interesting. The music was an instrumental piece with a staccato beat and a predominant flute. Models walked quickly up one side of the house and down the other the side. The shaggy black bobs were just about shoulder length, and all but covered the eyes of the models. Minimal make-up and no jewelry was not helpful because there was nothing to break up the monotony. The big audience sat on pink fuzzy steps that seemed to go back and up, so it may have been difficult for many people to actually get a decent look at the designs.

Fashion trends by designer showed little improvement over the collection from last year, which featured sixties inspired designs in swirling lines, floral prints, and satin material. That collection consisted mostly of pants and longer sundresses. The design house has been through some recent changes in creative direction, so one can hope things will get better soon. Other designer’s collections for the 2015 Spring and Summer season had more variety than this one, and seemed to better grasp the concept of comfortable clothing that is easy to wear. These looks would fail to see someone through the day from work to dinner to an outdoor party.

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