Prada Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

The Prada Fashion Show was truly awe inspiring, and was a one of a kind experience. The show took place throughout multiple rooms that had a futuristic, almost spaceship like feel. The clothing on display matched beautifully, while still being practical enough to be worn everyday. The models rocked the extended runway, and provided a show that attendees and fellow designers will talk about for years to come.

Muted colors were all the rage during this years Prada Autumn Winter 2015 Collection show. Most outfits were constructed from fabric that was a wool blend, and were moss green and mauve in color. These were paired with shirts that were vibrant in color, which only emphasized the drastic tone of the clothing. Most pants were flared at the leg, and were cut so that the shoes were more of an accessory. Most shoes were similar in color as the bright undershirt, and ranged from 5 inch heels to low cut wedges. All of the shoes were adorned with beautiful silver latches that added natural beauty and secured the shoe in a fashionable way.

The dresses at this years show were just as beautiful. While the futuristic feel was still present, it was also mixed with hints of the 60s era. Dresses were simple and elegant, and most ended just above the knee. These were paired with some of the most colorful and beautiful scarves ever produced by Prada, and the highlight of the show was the mink stole that came out on the last dress of the evening. Prada also released several new gloves, which coordinated beautifully with the dresses from the event.

The big trend in hair at this years show was all about wearing it up. Most up-dos were accented with beautiful metal clips and natural flowers that were of the same color as the undershirt of most outfits. This gave each model a coordinated look that wasn’t too matched, and allowed the natural beauty and texture of their hair to be present.

Any person wanting to update their closet with the latest in fashion need look no further than the Prada line. Their clothes are stylish, without being overwhelming to the eye. Put these items in closet so they are Ready to Wear at a moments notice. Not only will it give a much needed makeover to the closet, but allow the person wearing them to exude confidence and beauty.

Image Source: Vogue

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