Shimmering Solids Dominate the Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The Ralph Lauren Spring Summer 2015 Collection is a unique departure from some of the over-complicated collections seen in the past. His recent Fashion Show revealed looks that will be as at home on sidewalks and in offices as it was on the catwalk. Many of the colors and designs looked safari-inspired, while other items were an obvious homage to the styles of the 1970s and 80s. The music, an odd mix of jungle beats, mellow elevator music and a hint of disco only added to the unique collection.

The most predominant color in the collection was olive. This neutral was used for pants, tops and even evening wear. It paired easily with the vibrant jewel-colored items in yellow, red and purple it was matched with. The Ready to Wear clothing included a lot of the safari themes from the roomy thighs and fitted ankles of the pants to the wide-brimmed hats the models wore. Pants were slim and long, slim and short or full and flowing. Shimmering fabrics were everywhere, but patterns were avoided entirely. Silky tops were paired with shimmering pants and skirts. Olive trousers were topped with gauzy sheer tops and wraps. Zippered slim-fitting jumpsuits adorned with wide leather belts were plentiful. Gold lame was also another popular choice for many outfits, in tops, jackets, skirts and pants.

Spring Summer looks are often overwhelmed with pastels, but nothing of that sort is seen in this collection. White, black, olive and red were the most common shades. Fashion trends by designer often change, and with this show the once-dreaded matching look was fondly embraced. Shoes matched bags, belts and sometimes tops. Some outfits were entirely one color.

The approach was simple, but feminine. Clothing hugged curves gently while leaving enough fabric for movement. There were a number of outfits that paired A-line skirts with fitted jackets, slim pants with thigh-length tunics and plenty of 1970’s era inspired pantsuits. Formal dresses were floor length and full. Layers of flowing tulle were on skirts and dresses. Most tops and dresses were long-sleeved, with only a few sleeveless designs presented. Long slits, open backs and strappy shoulders were the only hints of skin. The formal wear collection was highlighted by two standouts. A hot pink sleeveless gown with a full tulle bottom was stupendous. The show ended with a full, and vibrant olive green creation that appeared to be part jumpsuit, part gown.

Image Source: Vogue

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