Sleek Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2015 Collection is sleek and feminine with A-line shapes and a focus on fabrics. Leather, mesh, and metallic in all lengths stood out in a primarily ivory and blue color scheme. Some solid red leather was splashed among the designs for a stunning effect on the catwalk. Long tunics, cut deep in the back and under the arm, worn under mesh skirts that had some flowers in the pattern, presented an interesting take on showing some leg for the Spring Summer season. Belted sleeveless dresses designed to flatter a narrow figure feature heavily in this Ready to Wear collection. Many were cut low under the arm, with some as low as half way to the waist.

Wide and high-heeled sandals with platform fronts, in solid black and red colors, complimented the A-line designs and fit the theme of sleek and modern look. Some of these styles would not be suitable to take a person through the entire day, but would be perfect for dinner, a romantic evening, or a night out on the town. This collection is a stark contrast to the 2014 collection. That one had a variety of colors including pastels, whites, and grays, along with some patterns. Folds, fringe, and even feathers, graced that collection which did include looks that could be worn all day and into the evening. Those Fashion trends by designer Francisco Costa were featured to celebrate his tenth year as creative director of Calvin Klein.

The Fashion Show for the 2015 collection went for the austere look with models in minimal make-up and hair pulled back severely in tight buns. The catwalk was wide and had models going in two lines back and forth at the same time. The instrumental was at a low volume, but it did have a steady back beat. Accessories were basically non-existent, and models wore stern looks with no smiles. The presentation was a quiet affair and the atmosphere was interesting. The audience was on either side of the room in rows five deep, so not all in attendance was able to get a decent view.

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