Tory Burch Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Designer Tory Burch took everyone to Morocco for her latest Fashion Show. The runway was inspired by Morocco with rugs on the floor and used for the curtain. Moroccans use bright colors and circular prints in their designs. Likewise, arch designs are always included. Women who appreciate an ethnic flair will be inspired by the Autumn Winter Ready to Wear collection. The models wore their hair long and flowing, and the make-up was simple. That is because the designs were the highlight of the show.

The Moroccan theme carried throughout the Tory Burch Autumn Winter 2015 Collection. However, the designer paired her Moroccan-inspired pieces with classic Americana. A wool coat with mosaic designs was worn over classic trousers. Likewise, a mosaic inspired blouse topped a long skirt with sequins. Many of the skirts were done with asymmetrical hems and worn with long boots. Not all designs were ethnic. A classic tweed suit was punched up by featuring a tweed cigarette pant. Also, long sequined dresses in shades of blue and burgundy were worn with leather boots. Different versions of the sequined skirt were topped with ethnic jumpers and tailored shirts. The designer favored blue and burgundy pieces in this collection. There were even a couple of dresses that were made of a print featuring the colors blue and burgundy. Both were worn with long boots.

An ethnic looking diamond shape was highlighted in the collection. This interesting diamond print was featured on wool dresses, vests, and tops. Tory Burch is known for accessories, and the show did not disappoint. Models carried Burch handbags while others wore Burch jewelry, sunglasses, and scarves. A brown leather skirt worn with a mosaic-print jumper was not to be missed.

Likewise, a long, white tunic worn as a gown was very desirable. The ethnic print carried throughout. There were pants with the pattern as well as a coat. The coat was a burgundy print with a black fur collar. One of the favorite looks was a short, white sweater dress worn with leather boots. The prints in this collection are gorgeous, and no one can complain that these clothes cannot be worn every day. The collection was beautiful and functional.

Image Source: Vogue

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