Versace Autumn Winter 2015 Collection

Spectators at this years Versace Autumn Winter 2015 Collection show were treated to a delightful experience that was visually tantalizing. While Versace is known for their bold designs, they broke new barriers by adding in splashes of vibrant colors to almost every item in their collection. Any person looking for outfits that will command attention and highlight natural curves should look no further than Versace.

Donnatella Versace mastered the art of branding in this Versace collection. Versace branding could be seen in the heels of shoes, patterns on tights, shirts, trousers, the highlighting of the letterĀ “V” around necklines and across dressesĀ as well as embroidered letters spelling out VERSACE were magnificently incorporated into their collection.

The biggest hit at this years show was how the designer used black in most outfits, and paired them with bright colored blouses and shoes to help add visual interest. Most Pant and jacket looks were constructed from a black wool blend, and were paired with knee high boots that were in colors ranging from neon green to muted pink. This gave the outfits a slimming ability while still having enough color to make the outfit attractive and stylish.

Dresses at this years Autumn Winter show landed just above the knee, and were made from a polyester blend. They were accessorized with some of the most beautiful Versace bags, and the shoes paired with these outfits ranged from attractive pumps with coordinating straps and buckles to thigh high boots. Versace also incorporated the use of hats to help add additional color and incorporate a variety of textures to each look.

Where Versace stood out is with their outer wear items. While most designers were using fur to create luxurious and over-sized jackets, the designers at Versace chose to use man made fabrics and create items that were functional and beautiful without being puffy in nature. The most beautiful item was the one piece jacket that slid over the models head and provided two arm holes for easy wear. The two pockets in the garment allowed the model to extend its sides and create an incredible a-line silhouette that was breathtaking.

The experts at Versace inspired everyone at this years Fashion Show by creating practical yet beautiful Ready to Wear outfits. Most boutique stores will start carrying these items beginning in October, and it is expected that all of the items will fly off the shelves.

Image Source: Vogue

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